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  1. Spine surgery is a surgery using private-assisted robots. Spine surgery has been used internationally for the past 10 years .

  2. Cardiac surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide. Heart disease has exploded with aging populations, changes in diets and more sedentary lifestyles.

    Acibadem is a leader in Cardiac surgery and the treatment of heart disease. By combining best technology, best protocols and top doctors, Acibadem boasts some of the best success rates in Cardiac surgery worldwide.<br

  3. Robotic surgery is a surgery using computer-assisted robots. Robotic surgery has been used internationally for the past 10 years in prostate surgery, gynecological surgery, and cardiac valve repair surgery. The DaVinci Robotic System, the cutting edge robotically-assisted surgical technology, provides unbeliavable clinical results with its 4 ultimate high tech arms, 3D vision system that makes the image 10 times bigger vis a vis non-robotic systems and its perfection in removing the surgeon's risk of hand vibration. Thanks to its sensitive robotic capability, Da Vinci Robotic System enables the surgeons to complete the complex and sensitive operations. Da Vinci robotic Surgery is the 3rd generation surgery technique after open and laparoscopic operations, which are traditional surgery techniques.